Fast and Fabulous Theatre Halloween Costumes

We’ve all seen the How to Be a Newsie for Halloween video put out by the wonderful Broadway cast of Newsies two years ago. They had some great ideas for cheap, easy costumes that were still amazing! I’ve come up with several more theatre Halloween costumes from different Broadway shows that will make your fellow […]

Top Ten Musical Group Numbers

  Nothing is better than a group number! Whether it’s a stellar opening, and heart-racing eleven o’clock number, or an intense closing, a group number is everybodys favorite. These are our top ten group numbers from Broadway. 10. “Circle of Life” from Lion King This number is absolutely breath taking! While you won’t be able […]

Broadway ComicCon

It’s not a new idea. I’m definitely not the first person to think of it, and I’m sure I’m not at all the only one who thinks it’d be the greatest thing, the absolute dream weekend for any musical theater lover. Yes, I am talking about a convention dedicated to Broadway and all things musical […]

10 Things Theater Kids Hear Nonstop

Being a theatre kid in High School can be great! You have a bunch of friends who understand your love for all things Broadway, who know the difference between theatRE and theatER, and who can have a battle of who’s more attractive, Jeremy Jordan or Aaron Tveit. Unfortunately, being involved in theatre also leaves many […]

Understudies, Standbys, and Swings: Oh my!

I’ve been doing theater since I was in the third grade. But until about a year ago when I really immersed myself into the theater community, the words “standby” and “swing” had no definition related to theater at all in my dictionary. “Understudy.” Yeah! I know that one! That’s the person that goes onstage if […]

How To See Shows on a Student Budget

By Catherine Buckland It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in want of a theatre ticket needs to be in possession of a great fortune. When you were a kid, this meant the only time you got to travel the Great White Way was when Auntie Rosemary bought you two tickets for your […]


Touring Productions: How?

Well, it’s a process. Once a show opens on broadway, investors will often meet to discuss the future of the show. It’s not uncommon for the idea of a touring production, a sit-down production and other versions of the show to be created to come up. But tours DO NOT just happen from success – […]

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Theater Survey: Weigh-In from the Outsiders

By Meagan If you are currently reading this, I am going to assume that you are probably a theater person. We have a nice little bubble. I would go so far as to say I really like being in our little bubble! Tweeting about the Tony Awards, crying over the fact that Newsies is closing, […]

Twenty Second Musical Synopses

By Meagan Do you ever want to see that one musical, but you just don’t have the time? Or do you hear about that other show every single day but you still don’t know what it’s about? No fear! Coming to your rescue: twenty-second musical synopses! What is a “Twenty Second Musical Synopsis” you might ask? And […]

June’s Rainbow Playbill

You can find some sort of program in most theaters all over the world. For example, most recently, I saw a production of Chicago in my hometown in Bulgaria, where their program came in the form of an awesome newspaper: with murderous headlines and Roxie and Velma’s mugshots staring menacingly at the theater-goers. While there are many […]

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