Broadway Winter Olympics – Who Would take the Gold?

It’s Olympics time around the world, which has all of us, in different countries and time zones tuned into to watch the events that unfold at Sochi. From the graceful figure skating to the intense hockey, we all have a favorite sport to watch during these few weeks where the world comes together. With so […]

Goodbye, Love – How To Say Goodbye to a Favorite Show

January is upon us! Though it’s a time of new beginnings and resolutions for some, it’s a sad time on the Great White Way as we lose a slew of shows. Dubbed “Black January,” it’s the period following the holiday season where a cluster of productions end their run on Broadway. This year’s line-up included […]

The Director’s Mark – The Directors of the 2013-2014 Season

Now that the new Broadway season is underway, everybody’s wondering: What’s going to be this year’s big hit? Last fall, nobody expected Kinky Boots to be strutting it’s glamorous heels to the top of Broadway’s gross and attendance charts like it has, and yet there it is. A smash hit. No one can truly predict […]

The Glass Menagerie at the Booth Theatre

Let it be known that the American Repertory Theater is an absolute force to behold. In the past year, they’ve delivered the glorious circus world of Diane Paulus’s Pippin revival, and it was just announced that their successful world premier political drama, All the Way, will be transferring this fall, starring Bryan Cranston. Then, there’s The […]

Interview with Celia Keenan-Bolger, Now Appearing in The Glass Menagerie on Broadway!

Note from the Editor: The Glass Menagerie is considered a literary classic. At this time, the show’s producers are recommending the show for audiences aged 12+. However, as we advise with all shows, be sure to review a production’s website and promotional materials to determine whether or not a show is right for your family. I […]

Aren’t You A Little Old For…?

It happens to everyone. You see someone’s flawless performance onstage, meet them at the stagedoor, start planning your wedding, and then go home and Google them. And you realize they’re twice your age. Don’t lie, it has happened at least once. And for fans of Broadway, it happens even more. Broadway plays fast and loose […]

This Week On Broadway

Jake Gyllenhaal is out, of Into The Woods that is! The actor reportedly will no longer be appearing in the film alongside Anna Kendrick and Meryl Streep as originally planned. He is planning to star in another movie and there is no word yet on who will take his place as the Prince. Anna Kendrick, […]

Book Suggestions for Theater Lovers

As a fellow theater nerd myself, the more I can learn about shows or the art of acting or creating shows, the more interested I become. This post is full of some recommendations for some really good reads that theater lovers everywhere will enjoy! On The Line: The Creation of A Chorus Line– Recently I had the pleasure of […]

Top Ten Things for a Broadway Lover To Do in NYC

So, it’s your first time in the Big Apple! Or, you’re coming again, but want to make this trip filled to the brim with Broadway related activities. Look no further! Here are my top ten things every Broadway lover should do while on their trip to NYC. Schmackary’s: Located on the southeast corner of 9th […]

“How to Act Like a Kid” with Henry Hodges

Have you ever seen a Broadway show starring child actors and thought to yourself, “What would it be like to be a kid acting on Broadway?” Or perhaps you’ve wondered, “How CAN I be one of those kids?”  Well, Henry Hodges is the guy with the answers for you.  Henry, now 19 years old, literally […]

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