Disney Musicals Are So Back

  It’s no question that Disney movies, especially ones that have songs could be tailored to be set on a Broadway stage. With Broadway hits such as The Lion King, Mary Poppins, most current dance sensation Newsies. It is proven that it is never impossible to bring Disney magic to the Great White Way, no […]


Broadway Winter Olympics – Who Would take the Gold?

It’s Olympics time around the world, which has all of us, in different countries and time zones tuned into to watch the events that unfold at Sochi. From the graceful figure skating to the intense hockey, we all have a favorite sport to watch during these few weeks where the world comes together. With so […]


Feel Good Show Tunes to Cure The Winter Blues!

Unless you live somewhere with wonderful weather, (In which case – go ahead and brag about it, I’m jealous.), chances are that winter is when you complain about snow, and rain, and wind, and the day starting too late and ending too early and— you know what I mean. Usually, along with the bad weather […]


How Fans Play A Part In Broadway

Recently, there’s been some discussion on the inter-webs regarding how large, exactly, of a part fans play in determining which shows go to Broadway. Some people believe that fans are completely irrelevant from this decision- the high-level execs are in charge, not the fans; while others believe that fans play an instrumental role. I’d like […]

Still from film Frozen

Frozen On Broadway — Good or Bad?

How many times have you seen Frozen? Once? Three times? Fifteen? Once you see it, you can’t help but keep going back for more. Naturally, a movie like that makes an incredible amount of money. Because the movie has already made an incredible profit, so many extras have already been announced including  a sing-a-long, a […]


Newsies: Talent On Stage and Off!

It seems like just yesterday that Newsies was being put on at the PaperMill Playhouse, a regional production with dreams of being on Broadway. And then the show got a 16 week limited run on Broadway that turned into an open ended run, and now the show is producing tickets by the bulk, enough to […]


The Fault in Our Stars and More Great Novels For Stage Adaptation

These days it seems all forms of media are connecting, sharing and exploring different versions of the same stories. Everything is displayed in different ways. For example, The Snow Queen, one of the classic fairytales we all know and love, has recently been portrayed in movie theaters around the world in the popular animated film, […]


Five Under-Appreciated Musicals You Should Get to Know

Discovering a new show to fall in love with is one of my favorite things about being a musical theater geek. There’s nothing that compares to the excitement of hearing one song, loving it instantly, and then ending up with the entire cast recording of a show on your iPod. Not to mention the newly-found […]


So You Think You Can Dance…on Broadway

So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) recently completed its tenth hit season on the FOX Network and has been renewed for an eleventh. Since July 2005, hundreds of dancers have graced our television screens. Beginning with a solo audition in front of three judges, dancers who are chosen to move on in the competition […]

Fansie Photo Camp Broadway

You Know You’re A Fansie If…

We love Newsies for a million reasons- the fun music, incredible dancing, and adorable cast, just to name a few. Thanks to these reasons and more, Newsies has developed quite a bit of a fanbase, generally comprised of teen guys and gals who call themselves “Fansies.” Not sure if you fit the bill? Never fear. […]

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