Broadway Flea Market 2014

By Brenna Corporal It’s that time of year again! Time for the BC/EFA BROADWAY FLEA MARKET!!!!! THE (in my opinion) BEST BROADWAY FAN EVENT OF THE YEAR! If you can only get to one Broadway fan event all year, try your best to get to this year’s Broadway Flea Market on Sunday, September 21, 2014 […]

Newsies Forever – My Personal Newsies Story

By Brenna Corporal Newsies. Newsies!! NNNNNEEEEWWWWSSSSIIIIEEEEESSSSS. This has been the speech patterns of Fansies everywhere. Fansies are fans of the Disney musical Newsies. I myself am a HUGE Fansie- I’ve seen the show three times! If you know Newsies then you know that it closed on Sunday, August 24th, but despite that, that doesn’t stop […]

Farewell Newsies! A Lookback on the Iconic Musical

Theater fans across the world dread the month of August 2014 for several reasons. Those reasons happened to be called Heathers: The Musical, Violet, Bullets Over Broadway, Rocky: The Musical, and Newsies. All of these wonderful musicals are closing this month despite the fans pleading for longer runs. The Broadway hit we’re focusing on now […]

Flashdance the Musical Hits the Road - Camp Broadway

Broadway Workout Playlist

By Brenna Corporal With summer in full swing, everyone is making sure to work out and stay healthy. But sometimes, getting motivated for a workout is tough. So, to help you get ready to get your blood pumping, I’ve compiled the ultimate show tune workout playlist for your summer workouts. “Whipped Into Shape,” Legally Blonde: The […]

Theater Survey: Weigh-In from the Outsiders

By Meagan If you are currently reading this, I am going to assume that you are probably a theater person. We have a nice little bubble. I would go so far as to say I really like being in our little bubble! Tweeting about the Tony Awards, crying over the fact that Newsies is closing, […]

Twenty Second Musical Synopses

By Meagan Do you ever want to see that one musical, but you just don’t have the time? Or do you hear about that other show every single day but you still don’t know what it’s about? No fear! Coming to your rescue: twenty-second musical synopses! What is a “Twenty Second Musical Synopsis” you might ask? And […]


Newsies The Musical: A Lookback

By Molly Tracy The news shocked the Broadway community this past weekend as it was announced that Newsies, the small Paper Mill Playhouse show that became Broadway sensation, would be closing on August 23, after over 1,000 performances, according to As major fans of the show, we decided at Camp Broadway to do a […]

Why Newsies is a Great Family Friendly Show

There is an endless amount of entertainment on Broadway and this summer people from all over are taking a vacation to NYC to see the top actors performing in their favorite shows. Many people look for a great family friend show when they want to see a Broadway show, and I was recently asked by […]


Disney Musicals Are So Back

  It’s no question that Disney movies, especially ones that have songs could be tailored to be set on a Broadway stage. With Broadway hits such as The Lion King, Mary Poppins, most current dance sensation Newsies. It is proven that it is never impossible to bring Disney magic to the Great White Way, no […]


Broadway Winter Olympics – Who Would take the Gold?

It’s Olympics time around the world, which has all of us, in different countries and time zones tuned into to watch the events that unfold at Sochi. From the graceful figure skating to the intense hockey, we all have a favorite sport to watch during these few weeks where the world comes together. With so […]

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