What Makes a Show Last?

By Sami DeSocio Not every show is a success. It’s true, more shows close after opening than those that make it to become the next Phantom of the Opera. But what makes those shows that do survive so incredibly special? First and foremost, I believe it starts with the music. A musical really is only […]

What are Iconic Pieces in Theatre?

In theatre, we use scenery and costumes to help tell our story. Backdrops can tell us where we are in the story. Lighting tells us the mood of the story or maybe what time of day. Costuming tells us the time period and maybe a little more about what the person wearing it is supposed […]

Work Songs – Helping You Get the Job Done!

As someone who walks around a lot, I find that I always need to have a good playlist of songs with a good rhythm to walk to. I have discovered that, unsurprisingly, songs about work, or songs that are sung while the characters on stage are working, always set a great rhythm for walking, or […]

Top Ten Musical Group Numbers

  Nothing is better than a group number! Whether it’s a stellar opening, and heart-racing eleven o’clock number, or an intense closing, a group number is everybodys favorite. These are our top ten group numbers from Broadway. 10. “Circle of Life” from Lion King This number is absolutely breath taking! While you won’t be able […]

For Rainy Weekends and Halloween: An Autumn Broadway Playlist

Creating seasonal playlists is one of my favorite things, and I’m always really excited when I get to come up with a new one. But as it turns out, there really aren’t that many showtunes about fall! I don’t understand why people don’t like writing songs about rain, and fog, and being back to school… […]

The 2014 Broadway Flea Market

By Brenna Corporal A week ago, I wrote an article all about the upcoming annual BC/EFA Broadway Flea Market. Here is my follow up article- I’ll share my experiences at the Flea Market today! The entire street is decked out in tables with merchandise and Broadway stars alike. There is even an area in the […]

Broadway ComicCon

It’s not a new idea. I’m definitely not the first person to think of it, and I’m sure I’m not at all the only one who thinks it’d be the greatest thing, the absolute dream weekend for any musical theater lover. Yes, I am talking about a convention dedicated to Broadway and all things musical […]

Hello From the Pit Orchestra!

Hey there. Yes, you, up there on the stage. No, bit lower. Not the auditorium. Below the footlights. Ah yes. Hello. It’s the pit orchestra speaking. I understand if we’ve never spoken before. Vaguely threatening entities who came in late to rehearsals, sitting in the corner to not talk to anyone who wasn’t also dressed […]

How To See Shows on a Student Budget

By Catherine Buckland It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in want of a theatre ticket needs to be in possession of a great fortune. When you were a kid, this meant the only time you got to travel the Great White Way was when Auntie Rosemary bought you two tickets for your […]

Tomorrow Comes: Dallas Theater Company’s Showstopping Les Miz

By Brenna Corporal Who doesn’t love Les Miserables? Seriously. Since I first watched my school’s production from the year before I entered, I think I have seen at least 10 different productions/versions of Les Miz, several of them multiple times, such as the movie and the 25th Anniversary concert, and even the current Broadway revival […]

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