CB Interviews Musical Theatre of Anthem’s Cast of Elf Jr

Performing in a show during the holiday season can be a challenging feat. This winter, I was cast as the role of Jovie in Elf The Musical Jr. Although Jovie works at the local Macy’s, has never seen snow, and is a bit rough around the edges, she finds herself falling in love with Buddy the Elf…Who is […]

Exclusive Interview with Claire from The Broadway Vlogs!

What happens when you combine talented Broadway artists, technology, journalism and equally talented high school and college students? You get The Broadway Vlogs! This past week, I had the amazing opportunity to interview Claire from an influential theatre vlog channel, The Broadway Vlogs. Claire describes her channel as “a place theater performers and others alike […]

The Theater Critic: A Dying Breed?

By Sami DeSocio There was a time in history where a review from a well-known theater critic could make or break a show. Their word decided whether the show would live to see an audience, or die before TONY day arrived. But in today’s world of instant information and social media, do critics still hold […]

Stagedoor Etiquette 101

By Eric Gelb Instagram, Twitter and Facebook… Social media outlets that used to be solely for connecting with friends have turned into a fangirl Mecca! Anyone that’s even walked near the Nederlander in the past two years has seen the long lines Disney’s Newsies generates at its stagedoor. Girls, boys, parents young and old flock […]

Having An Online Presence

Chances are that since you’ve woken up this morning, you’ve checked your Facebook at least a dozen times, tweeted a few times, and maybe even posted a picture on Instagram. These days, everything can be done with a smart phone, and that can be wonderful for any actor. Twitter allows people to tell their “followers” everything they need […]

Camp Broadway’s Favorite Things

Normally I report on the Broadway community at large, but today I’m dedicating a post to the Camp Broadway blog family. If you follow Camp Broadway or any of the other bloggers on Facebook or Twitter, you have noticed that we love to talk to each other across the web…A LOT. We’re a bunch of […]

If Les Mis Characters Lived Today

Editor’s Note: Our newest blogger, Molly, is a graphic design student and lifelong theater lover. As her first assignment, she wondered “what would Les Mis characters look like if they lived today?” Take a look at her hilarious and adorable rendition of Cosette’s potential Facebook page! Click the image to enlarge! Tweet

The Slump Between Shows

Every actor has a slump between shows from time to time. It’s a constant for anyone working in this industry. The variable, however, is how long a person goes before his or her next project. Sometimes it can feel like you have no choice in this matter, but there are ways to take advantage of […]

Twitter on Broadway

Obviously, technology has revolutionized our world. It helps us keep in touch with our friends and loved ones, get instant access to anything in the world with our wifi and 3G networks, e-mails, texts, and everything else that comes along with it. As a young person, it’s hard for me to imagine the world before […]

Registration for Summer 2012 is now open!

For some of you, summer may be fading into the background now that school is back in session, sweaters are coming out from the back of the closet, and its almost time for a hot chocolate with salted caramel from Starbucks (my favorite to sip while I stroll through NYC).  But here at Camp Broadway […]

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