Words of Wisdom for the New Year, from Two Amazing Broadway Pros!

Happy 2017!   This year, Camp Broadway is delighted to bring you an AWESOME New Year’s gift: inspiring tips about life on stage from two of Broadway’s most successful pros!   The first is Adam Pascal, who most recently played the saucy, sassy Shakespeare in the delightful musical SOMETHING ROTTEN! which had its final performance […]

Broadway’s Triple-Threat Michelle Robinson Will Direct Camp Broadway EXP on Dec. 2

Performer, Director, Choreographer, Michelle Robinson returns to Atlanta to lead Camp Broadway EXP for our Newsies inspired one-day program on Saturday, December 27. From the Dance Theatre of Harlem and the Rockettes, to feature films, a recurring role on the soap opera One Life To Live, and a music video with Beyonce, Michelle has worked […]

The Language of Musical Theatre

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome–  Most self-respecting theater fans have probably hummed that line from Cabaret at least once while greeting someone, since it’s practically impossible to refrain from singing a simple hello in three languages. This seemingly simple line is also incredibly easy to get horribly wrong, if your German and French (or your English!) are not up […]

June’s Rainbow Playbill

You can find some sort of program in most theaters all over the world. For example, most recently, I saw a production of Chicago in my hometown in Bulgaria, where their program came in the form of an awesome newspaper: with murderous headlines and Roxie and Velma’s mugshots staring menacingly at the theater-goers. While there are many […]

British Invasion – From West End to Broadway

This year at the Tony Awards, the two shows going neck and neck for the Best Musical prize both had roots across the pond. Kinky Boots originated from a British movie, while Matilda the Musical, a product of the Royal Shakespeare Company, was labeled as “The British Invasion.” This phenomenon is not uncommon, as Broadway […]

Top Theater Destinations in the USA (Besides NYC)

New York City is known as the top city for theater in the country, with numerous Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters, plus the Tony Awards are held here annually. However, there are other cities that offer hot spots for theater if New York is not the place for you, or maybe you’re too far away. Here […]

The Best Broadway Replacements

OBC. What does is it mean to you? After a quick Google search, I found that OBC means a lot of things to the rest of the world… “Oriental Bank of Commerce”… “Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry”… “Ohio Basketball Club”… and a bunch of other things that would probably put theater people to sleep. Nope, in […]

My Dream Casting of Pop Stars on Broadway

We have seen singers like Fantasia, Ashlee Simpson, Toni Braxton, Joey Fatone and more take to the Broadway stage. After watching the Video Music Awards, I was wondering what it would be like seeing some of my favorite artists go from the recording studio to the stage. What do you think of these dream Broadway […]

Interview with Michael Linden

Recently, I had the privilege of talking with actor Michael Linden. Michael was a Chair of Rock in the national tour of Spring Awakening, as well as playing Seymour in two different regional productions of Little Shop of Horrors. He is currently on tour with HAIR. In addition to being an awesome-famous-actor-guy, Michael shares my […]

College Auditioning

So, you’re passionate about musical theater and want to make it into a career? Nowadays you can’t eve get an audition without college training. The world of musical theater college auditions is a confusing and frustrating one. I know for a fact because this is the career that I am looking into, so don’t fret […]

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