My Time at Camp Broadway

My Time at Camp Broadway By Sami DeSocio My name is Sami. If you’ve been here for a while, you’ve probably read my pieces and we may have even spoken through comments on what I’ve written. I love writing for Camp Broadway, and have made some wonderful friends and connections here over the past four […]

Wicked Witches – Where Are They Now?

With Wicked celebrating its tenth anniversary on Broadway this month, I sought to look back at all of the leading ladies that have taken on the roles of Elphaba and Glinda to see what they’re doing now. The results cover a wide range of projects including originating other roles on Broadway, winning awards, building fantastic […]

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Tony Nods on the Way? The Buzz-Worthy Performances to See this Broadway Season

Well, I’m excited. Excited that we’ve got two Jason Robert Brown musicals coming down the pipe this season? Nope. Excited that Stroman has two shows on the way? Nope. How about that we’ve got revivals of both Les Miserables and Cabaret waiting in the wings. Nope, not at all. Alright. I lied. All those things […]

Camp Broadway’s Favorite Things

Normally I report on the Broadway community at large, but today I’m dedicating a post to the Camp Broadway blog family. If you follow Camp Broadway or any of the other bloggers on Facebook or Twitter, you have noticed that we love to talk to each other across the web…A LOT. We’re a bunch of […]

CB’s Awards Season Picks!

It’s Awards Season– that time of year when theater-lovers tune in to learn which shows will win big when it comes to Broadway titles and talent. Camp Broadway now presents its own ‘Best of’ list, including unique categories specific to their specialty. “Kids, families and theater-lovers of all ages always ask us what we think […]

Violence on Broadway: Can it Sell Tickets?

A while back, I was sitting in a cinema on 42nd Street. Amidst chowing down on an ungodly large bucket of popcorn, I watched what seemed to be a decade of movie previews while waiting for the main feature, The Dark Knight Rises, to begin. Now, if you’re like me, or practically anybody else in […]

Interview with Ian Liberto of CHAPLIN

Victoria Slader is back this week with her question and answer series that reveal our favorite Broadway performers’ fun habits and personality eccentricities. This week, learn about Ian Liberto who just finished a stint on Broadway with Chaplin (one of our favorite shows of 2012!). Ian has also been seen in the US tour of A Chorus Line and on Broadway […]

Backstage with Rob McClure

For those of you who have seen the new musical Chaplin on Broadway, you are well aware of who Rob McClure is.  He is the man currently playing the legend Charlie Chaplin- a role that has earned him unanimous critical praise, and a performance that is moving grown men to tears nightly. One of my […]

Why I Love SCANDALOUS on Broadway!

I have always loved to read. Non-fiction and memoirs are my favorites. Beginning in middle school, I read everything about the Kennedy family that I could get my hands on and my obsession with the stories of historical figures only grew from there. James Dean, Rock Hudson, Marilyn Monroe (I would LOVE to see Bombshell live!) Natalie […]

CHAPLIN as a Period Piece

A “period piece” can be found in books, movies, television or on stage. Generally the term refers to a work that is so steeped in its setting in time that it cannot be removed from when it is occurring. However, the term “period piece” often conjures dread and may remind us of hard-to-follow books from high […]

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