Top 3 Tips for Dazzling Dance Auditions

Introducing one of Camp Broadway’s newest bloggers, Anna Allport!  Anna Allport is a 15-year-old writer and theater enthusiast. She loves to write and create films, and has been in local and community theater productions in CA and NY since she was four years old. Focusing on exciting theater news, performing arts tips, and uplifting success […]

How to Succeed (In Summer Fun) – Camp Broadway Online Scavenger Hunt

Some of the best months for theatre-lovers have finally come around. Along with swimming pools and ice cream galore, summer brings a plethora of benefits to us thespians- some of those being rehearsals without having to worry about finishing homework, seeing the matinee performances that school always inhibited, simply not having to make a cold […]

Darren Lee – Broadway’s Backbone – Camp Broadway

Welcome to our first chapter of Broadway’s Backbone on the Camp Broadway Blog! If you missed his introductory post, this ongoing segment revolve around Brad Bradley and his podcast Broadway’s Backbone. With a career transcending all genres of the entertainment industry, Brad has been a vital member of the Camp Broadway universe for several years. […]

The Backbone of Broadway – And How Did They Get There? – Camp Broadway

WELCOME, BRAD! Today we welcome Broadway veteran Brad Bradley to the blog. With a career transcending all genres of the entertainment industry, Brad has been a vital member of the Camp Broadway universe for several years. Broadway’s Backbone, Brad’s podcast, is quickly proving to be one of the most compelling and eye-opening theatre outlets in […]

Selecting the Right Performing Arts Camp

  TIPS FOR SELECTING THE RIGHT  PERFORMING ARTS CAMP FOR YOUR CHILD Summer is almost here so it’s the right time for parents to review their many options for camps, travel and special activities. The popularity of reality talent shows and movie musicals has inspired the growth of musical theater camps across the country. Camp Broadway, […]

Choosing Educational Theatre Programs

If you were born pre-WICKED (1990’s), you were been born into a golden age of the theatre that’s been full of groundbreaking change and exciting, innovative new platforms for our art form. While it’s true that theatre is always changing, in the past few decades we’ve witnessed some changes that have been several decades coming. […]

Your Role in the Theatre: Three Tips

By Eric Gelb In the theatre, we’re surrounded by friends, co-workers and directors who all share the love and enjoyment in creating entertainment for others. Even though the world has evolved into a world of technology and social media, it still leaves a lot of room for the theatre. A lot, actually! This is more […]

10 Gifts for Theatre Fans

By Eric Gelb The magical smell of pine trees and home cooked meals fill the air at this time of year – November and December are two incredible months. Not only are they filled with festive celebration and the close of a year, they’re an incredibly exciting time for the theatre! New shows open on […]

From Page to Stage: The Creative Process

From Page to Stage: The Creative Process by Sami DeSocio As an actor we are given scripts and parts and are told by our director what to do, what to dress, where to stand, and where to go when. And sometimes we get so caught up in all of that and miss the creative process […]

Checking in with Camp Broadway Featured Player, Alexandra Schwartz

In honor of Halloween, we reached out to Camp Broadway Featured Player, Alexandra Schwartz who recently performed in Westchester Sandbox Theatre‘s production of Carrie the Musical. Alexandra shares a little bit about the production and her favorite Halloween costume. Tell us about the production you’re involved in. I got involved with Carrie: The Musical after […]

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