Choosing Educational Theatre Programs

If you were born pre-WICKED (1990’s), you were been born into a golden age of the theatre that’s been full of groundbreaking change and exciting, innovative new platforms for our art form. While it’s true that theatre is always changing, in the past few decades we’ve witnessed some changes that have been several decades coming. […]

Your Role in the Theatre: Three Tips

By Eric Gelb In the theatre, we’re surrounded by friends, co-workers and directors who all share the love and enjoyment in creating entertainment for others. Even though the world has evolved into a world of technology and social media, it still leaves a lot of room for the theatre. A lot, actually! This is more […]

10 Gifts for Theatre Fans

By Eric Gelb The magical smell of pine trees and home cooked meals fill the air at this time of year – November and December are two incredible months. Not only are they filled with festive celebration and the close of a year, they’re an incredibly exciting time for the theatre! New shows open on […]

From Page to Stage: The Creative Process

From Page to Stage: The Creative Process by Sami DeSocio As an actor we are given scripts and parts and are told by our director what to do, what to dress, where to stand, and where to go when. And sometimes we get so caught up in all of that and miss the creative process […]

Checking in with Camp Broadway Featured Player, Alexandra Schwartz

In honor of Halloween, we reached out to Camp Broadway Featured Player, Alexandra Schwartz who recently performed in Westchester Sandbox Theatre‘s production of Carrie the Musical. Alexandra shares a little bit about the production and her favorite Halloween costume. Tell us about the production you’re involved in. I got involved with Carrie: The Musical after […]

10 DIY Broadway-Themed Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again. The air is crisp, the pumpkins are carved, and costumers- as well as those who regularly wear them on stage- thrive.  Here are 10 DIY quick Broadway-themed Halloween costume ideas to make sure you can incorporate your passion for all things Broadway into your favorite night of the year (besides […]


Next Step Highlights 2015

The Next Step offers a specialized program of musical theater classes taught by Broadway professionals, for aspiring performers, ages 14-17, who have had some previous on-stage experience. A highly unique program, The Next Stepweaves traditional musical theater training into an immersive theatrical environment designed to give participants the opportunity to understand what it’s really like to be […]


Camp Broadway Highlights 2015

Each summer since 1995, over 30,000 kids from all over the country have attended Camp Broadway’s 5-day signature program, working with industry professionals direct from Broadway in an authentic Broadway rehearsal process to perform classic numbers from Broadway’s most beloved shows.  This summer, Camp Broadway celebrated its 20th anniversary of connecting Broadway professionals with theater-loving […]

Ballet for Actors

By Shannon No matter what type of show they’re putting on, actors use movement in it. Blocking can be as simple as crossing from stage left to down center, or it can be as complicated as a Viennese Waltz across the stage. Actors who do not have dance training can be very limited if roles […]

When You’ve Outgrown Your Teacher

When You’ve Outgrown Your Teacher By Sami DeSocio The bond between an acting, vocal or dance teacher and their student is a sacred bond. As an artist, you are putting your trust and livelihood in the hands of someone you believe knows more than you do and can show you the way. But, any good […]

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