Themed Restaurants, Theatre Style!

The restaurant industry and the theatre industry work hand-in-hand. Often, when audiences leave a show, they will make the most of a special night by enjoying a satisfying, fulfilling meal. I believe that to truly experience the full magic of seeing a show, the night should be a full experience, complete with food AND entertainment! […]

Bon Voyage! CB Featured Players Set Sail

Most actors don’t fight real fires in their rehearsal process… and usually, the stage doesn’t move. Yet, three Camp Broadway featured players have experienced exactly that as they perform on the seven seas. After working for multiple years with Camp Broadway, Isaak Olson, Alexandra Schwartz, and Carver Duncan are all production cast members on various […]

Wardrobe Wonders and Costume Cures!

Picture this: it’s opening night of your school’s play, and you’re backstage getting ready. You pull on your costume—and a giant tear rips down the back! Horrified, you look to the costume team, but they can’t do much to help on such short notice. You hear the overture start to play… What do you do?!? […]

“Go to the Hills!” The Sound of Music National Tour Review

After a long day of callbacks for Elf The Musical, I settled into the front seat of my car, excited for the night ahead of me. My nervousness from my audition had long faded by the time I entered ASU Gammage, a beautiful theatre designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This season, I had already seen […]

An Interview with Fit For Broadway Founder, Jane Jourdan!

As a musical theatre performer, it is very important to stay healthy in order to increase your stamina and performance. Luckily, I had the opportunity to learn about this concept through a special blog called “Fit For Broadway”, which connects theatre and the materials needed to lead a healthy lifestyle. This week, I reached out to […]

The ABCs of Rehearsal-Friendly Foods

Juggling classes, homework, extracurriculars—and performing arts—can make student life fast-paced and exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be that way! A little time management and self-care can give you the energy to power through your rehearsal schedule. It all starts with food. Ever hear the expression: “you are what you eat?” Well, it’s true! The […]

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Tips—With a Broadway Twist!

Freaked out because you don’t have a costume for Halloween yet? Don’t panic! Let’s head over to the costume shop and ask Nicole Miller, first hand and stitcher for the Radio City Rockettes, to reveal quick and easy Halloween costume tricks that you can pull together before the clock strikes 13! Think “DIY” is scary? […]

An Interview With CB Choreographer and Broadway Veteran, Kristine Bendul!

Over the summer, I was fortunate enough to meet Ms. Kristine Bendul- a stellar Broadway performer with an overwhelming amount of Broadway credits. Kristine was the Camp Broadway choreographer for my group in Tempe, AZ. I had such an amazing time in all of the classes I took from her, and she quickly became a role […]

Constructive Criticism: How to Critique Your Classmate’s Monologue

Pop Quiz! What’s the foundation of a great audition portfolio? Answer: A collection of perfected monologues! As many theater students know, getting great feedback is the key to perfecting a monologue. But what about when you’re in a classroom setting and you have to give feedback to other people? How do you do it? Don’t panic! […]

Timing is Everything! Time Management for Busy Student Actors

It’s back to school season! Time to catch up with friends, check out new courses and readjust to academic life. But when show rehearsals are added to classes and homework, how do you balance everything? Here are three time-management challenges—and actor-approved solutions! “I have so many activities, I don’t start my homework until 8 or […]

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