Camp Broadway Exclusive Interview: Christopher Jackson from HAMILTON Gives Advice to Aspiring Teen Performers

Calling all HAMILTEENS—and everyone else! As you know, the smash musical HAMILTON has taken Broadway—and the rest of the world—by storm. In addition to showcasing the founding of our country and the evolution of music through everlasting lyrics and ingenious rhyme, HAMILTON boasts a brilliant and expertly-cast company of performers. And one of its superstars […]

The Broadway Life is Nonstop! An interview with Heidi Gray

I was on a mission to figure out how actors on Broadway do what they do each day. Two to three shows a day is hard enough, but they also have to keep their character fresh for new audiences every couple of hours, plus take excellent care of their voices at the same time. So, […]

Camp Broadway ON TOUR: Beat the Arizona Heat with Camp Broadway!

It was the week I had been waiting for the entire summer, the second week of June. As I stepped out of the car Monday morning, I didn’t mind that it was 108 degrees outside, or that I was about to walk into a room of people I had never met- in fact, I was […]


I Pushed Aside My Fears and Joined Camp Broadway’s The Next Step …and This is What Happened

Calling all musical theater nerds! Are you wondering whether Camp Broadway’s The Next Step is right for you? A few weeks ago, I was wondering the same thing. Why? Well, I had never done a Camp Broadway program before, and although I had experience onstage, it was mostly Shakespearean plays and local/community productions. Musical theater […]

Building an Ambitious Audition Binder

When preparing for an audition, especially one with a live accompanist, it can be difficult to arrange your music and audition forms in an easily accessible format. Throughout this season, I learned an exciting and creative way to organize my audition papers!   I call this the “Ambitious Audition Binder”, a 2” binder with 3 tabs […]

Are You Script Savvy? Memorize Your Lines Like a Pro!

Picture this: it’s 11:00pm the night before your show’s off-book date. You’ve been working on your lines for hours, but you just can’t seem to get them down. Frustrated, you ask yourself, “Why is this taking me so long? Why can’t I memorize my lines??” Perhaps you’re memorizing all wrong! The first step to faster, […]

Top 3 Tips for Dazzling Dance Auditions

Introducing one of Camp Broadway’s newest bloggers, Anna Allport!  Anna Allport is a 15-year-old writer and theater enthusiast. She loves to write and create films, and has been in local and community theater productions in CA and NY since she was four years old. Focusing on exciting theater news, performing arts tips, and uplifting success […]

How to Succeed (In Summer Fun) – Camp Broadway Online Scavenger Hunt

Some of the best months for theatre-lovers have finally come around. Along with swimming pools and ice cream galore, summer brings a plethora of benefits to us thespians- some of those being rehearsals without having to worry about finishing homework, seeing the matinee performances that school always inhibited, simply not having to make a cold […]

Darren Lee – Broadway’s Backbone – Camp Broadway

Welcome to our first chapter of Broadway’s Backbone on the Camp Broadway Blog! If you missed his introductory post, this ongoing segment revolve around Brad Bradley and his podcast Broadway’s Backbone. With a career transcending all genres of the entertainment industry, Brad has been a vital member of the Camp Broadway universe for several years. […]

The Backbone of Broadway – And How Did They Get There? – Camp Broadway

WELCOME, BRAD! Today we welcome Broadway veteran Brad Bradley to the blog. With a career transcending all genres of the entertainment industry, Brad has been a vital member of the Camp Broadway universe for several years. Broadway’s Backbone, Brad’s podcast, is quickly proving to be one of the most compelling and eye-opening theatre outlets in […]

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