Broadway Dogs, the Real Stars of the Show

By Harley Ann Kulp Many different types of faces have crossed the Broadway stage including children, the elderly, and my favorite– pooches. Yes, we all know that broadway dogs, no matter how small the role, are truly the stars of the show! So today I’m talking about the most famous puppies to grace the stage […]

Theater Survey: Weigh-In from the Outsiders

By Meagan If you are currently reading this, I am going to assume that you are probably a theater person. We have a nice little bubble. I would go so far as to say I really like being in our little bubble! Tweeting about the Tony Awards, crying over the fact that Newsies is closing, […]

Realistic Dreams

Every person’s unique — physical looks, intellectual capabilities, thought processes, talents; there is no denying it. No person can deny that that the one thing everyone on this earth shares is dreams. Some of us deny because it sounds a bit cliche, and some have their mind set ever since they could think. It doesn’t […]


Swings – Broadway’s Superheros

By Brenna Broadway is known for its many iconic divas, its 8-shows-a-week schedule and its show-stopping leading men. But there is another vital member of a production: the swing! Usually a show has between five to ten swings, who are standbys for multiple tracks. But how exactly do they work? How often are they at […]

Twenty Second Musical Synopses

By Meagan Do you ever want to see that one musical, but you just don’t have the time? Or do you hear about that other show every single day but you still don’t know what it’s about? No fear! Coming to your rescue: twenty-second musical synopses! What is a “Twenty Second Musical Synopsis” you might ask? And […]

Resume Building – How To Build a Theatre Resume

By Sami DeSocio Now that the show you were just in is in rehearsals, and you know you have the part, it’s time to put the job on your resume! What is a resume? Well, it’s a list of jobs and roles you’ve had over how ever many years you’ve been performing. But of course, […]

Why Newsies is a Great Family Friendly Show

There is an endless amount of entertainment on Broadway and this summer people from all over are taking a vacation to NYC to see the top actors performing in their favorite shows. Many people look for a great family friend show when they want to see a Broadway show, and I was recently asked by […]

Balancing Life and Show Business

As excited as you are about being cast in a show, every actor knows that the show of their every day life must go on! The question becomes, how do you deal with balancing your life in show business and the life you have at home? People who have mastered that skill deserve an award! […]


An evening with Harold Prince

The name Harold (Hal) Prince is synonymous with Broadway, some even going so far as to proclaim him the prince of Broadway. I was extremely fortunate to be able to attend a lecture,given by him at my alma mater college, William Paterson University when they invited him on campus for their Distinguished Lecturer Series. During the […]

Fansie Photo Camp Broadway

Broadway Etiquette: Tips for Theatre-Goers

It doesn’t often take much brain power to for us to be entertained. We pay money to sit in a theater while everyone up on stage does the work and we can, relatively passively, enjoy the action unfolding in front of us– so it’s no surprise that we often turn our brains off the moment […]

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