Camp Broadway Exclusive Interview: Christopher Jackson from HAMILTON Gives Advice to Aspiring Teen Performers

Calling all HAMILTEENS—and everyone else! As you know, the smash musical HAMILTON has taken Broadway—and the rest of the world—by storm. In addition to showcasing the founding of our country and the evolution of music through everlasting lyrics and ingenious rhyme, HAMILTON boasts a brilliant and expertly-cast company of performers. And one of its superstars […]

The Broadway Life is Nonstop! An interview with Heidi Gray

I was on a mission to figure out how actors on Broadway do what they do each day. Two to three shows a day is hard enough, but they also have to keep their character fresh for new audiences every couple of hours, plus take excellent care of their voices at the same time. So, […]

Magnificent Makeup for the Stage!

One of the most important things to consider when getting ready for a performance is your makeup! Stage makeup can vary between several different styles; some styles can be similar to makeup someone would wear out in public, while some can be extravagant displays of art (such as makeup from Cats)! Continuing my streak of […]

Stacey Todd Holt – Broadway’s Backbone – Camp Broadway

Welcome to our second chapter of Broadway’s Backbone on the Camp Broadway Blog! If you missed his introductory post, this ongoing segment revolve around Brad Bradley and his podcast Broadway’s Backbone. With a career transcending all genres of the entertainment industry, Brad has been a vital member of the Camp Broadway universe for several years. […]

The Equity Card: Pros and Cons

by Sami DeSocio Ah, the equity card! The piece of paper that a stage actor carries with them at all times that tells people they’re a professional. They’ve “mastered” the craft, and if you want them in your show- you’re going to have to pay them! All upcoming stage actors want it. It means more […]

The Backbone of Broadway – And How Did They Get There? – Camp Broadway

WELCOME, BRAD! Today we welcome Broadway veteran Brad Bradley to the blog. With a career transcending all genres of the entertainment industry, Brad has been a vital member of the Camp Broadway universe for several years. Broadway’s Backbone, Brad’s podcast, is quickly proving to be one of the most compelling and eye-opening theatre outlets in […]

The Theater Critic: A Dying Breed?

By Sami DeSocio There was a time in history where a review from a well-known theater critic could make or break a show. Their word decided whether the show would live to see an audience, or die before TONY day arrived. But in today’s world of instant information and social media, do critics still hold […]

Like a Blade of Corn: The Color Purple on Broadway

Menier Chocolate Factory’s The Color Purple is a radiant, sparkling treat stuffed with jazzy songs that flutters into your heart and doesn’t leave – from the first downbeat to the final image of Celie, the show’s then triumphant lead standing on her own two feet, finally, after the two hour musical scrapbook of Alice Walker’s […]

20 Broadway Love Songs For Your Valentine

Having a valentine means chocolates, romance or wishing that Aaron Tveit was your special sweetheart. Here are 20 of the best musical love songs to jam out to – whether that be while getting ready for a date, or on the way to serenade the cute latte boy at Starbucks. 1. It Takes Two / Hairspray 2. Seventeen / Heathers 3. Our […]

GREASE is the Word – Even Live – Tune into Grease Live

“Those magic changes, my heart arranges… a melody that’s never the same”. -GREASE Tomorrow, millions will tune into FOX’s highly-anticipated GREASE Live, the latest in a trend of live movie musicals. Featuring a star-studded cast of Broadway and TV veterans, GREASE is a multi-million dollar production that will be shot, in real-time on the Warner […]

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