That Would Be Great For Broadway! Or Would It?

As theater-lovers, we can all admit to playing producer, having strong opinions on new works, and we’ve all dreamt of what we’d consider to be the perfect musical. Inspirations can come from books, TV shows, movies and just about anything. For article and argument’s sake, lets focus of musical that get adapted from other medias. […]

Interview with Will Carlyon of Cabaret

With a new production of Cabaret coming just around the corner, I sat down and talked to Will Carlyon. He’s a quadruple threat and swing in the new production, and I spoke to him about what its like to be a quadruple threat, and what it’s like to work with Alan Cumming. This is your […]

Live-Tweeting on Broadway: What?!

If you have never checked your cell phone during a performance at the theater, you definitely have reasons for not doing so. And you’re familiar with the dire consequences that occur if you do: 1. The jaded theater-goers will definitely use you as an example to complain about the ‘new generation’ ruining the theater! 2. […]

“Flops” on Broadway We Love, Seussical and More!

Just because a show goes to Broadway, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a success. And just because a show is on Broadway in previews, doesn’t mean it’ll ever actually see opening night. Whenever a Broadway show succeeds, chances are three more have closed. A few though really stand out in my mind. My favorite […]

Frozen: Why has it Been So Successful?

When I walk around my high school, it isn’t a normal day if I don’t hear one of my friends mumbling the words to “For the First Time in Forever” or talking about how cute Olaf is. Why is it that Frozen, a Disney animated picture, has been so successful with all age ranges? I […]

Crash Course: Audition by Michael Shurtleff

Through 12 guideposts, Audition by Michael Shurtleff illustrates what tools the actor needs not only to find truth, but also how to communicate that to the audition panel. These guideposts are the building blocks for successfully and truthfully performing! 1: Relationship First ask, what is my relationship to the other character(s)? Once you have your basic facts, […]


Broadway Winter Olympics – Who Would take the Gold?

It’s Olympics time around the world, which has all of us, in different countries and time zones tuned into to watch the events that unfold at Sochi. From the graceful figure skating to the intense hockey, we all have a favorite sport to watch during these few weeks where the world comes together. With so […]


How Fans Play A Part In Broadway

Recently, there’s been some discussion on the inter-webs regarding how large, exactly, of a part fans play in determining which shows go to Broadway. Some people believe that fans are completely irrelevant from this decision- the high-level execs are in charge, not the fans; while others believe that fans play an instrumental role. I’d like […]

Still from film Frozen

Frozen On Broadway — Good or Bad?

How many times have you seen Frozen? Once? Three times? Fifteen? Once you see it, you can’t help but keep going back for more. Naturally, a movie like that makes an incredible amount of money. Because the movie has already made an incredible profit, so many extras have already been announced including  a sing-a-long, a […]

murder for two

Murder For Two Review

WIN a pair of tickets to MURDER FOR TWO! Here’s how to win: 1. Make sure you’re following both @CampBroadway and @MurderFor2 on Twitter. 2.Tweet the following: Win 2 tickets to #MurderForTwo! @CampBroadway tells you how: One lucky winner will win a pair of tickets to a performance of Murder For Two! If you’re a fan […]

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