Vanessa Hudgens is Gigi

By Shannon In recent years, Broadway Producers have looked to stronger strategies to bring shows to Broadway – a formula that is safer than bringing a musical to Broadway cold. With a big, Broadway name, a show may fare better or have a longer period to warm itself to the city’s audience and for word […]

Why You Should Support Shows That Aren’t on Broadway

By Isaac We all know and love the shows that end up on Broadway, West End, and in touring cities. They are the most publicized and typically thought of as the best that theatre has to offer. Because of this, many forget about some of the amazing performances and performers that can be seen from […]

What Makes a Show Last?

By Sami DeSocio Not every show is a success. It’s true, more shows close after opening than those that make it to become the next Phantom of the Opera. But what makes those shows that do survive so incredibly special? First and foremost, I believe it starts with the music. A musical really is only […]

Broadway Success Stories

Shirley Jones: (Partridge Family, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Elmer Gantry, Me and Juliet, Oklahoma, Music Man, Carousel) Shirley Jones grew up in Pennsylvania, singing in church and coached by a vocal instructor from the age of five, however she was utterly inexperienced in theater when she auditioned for Rogers and Hammerstein in New […]

Theatre Festivals Are The Greatest Places On Earth

Photo of Isaac’s King of New York iPhone case. by Isaac Grivett Last weekend, I had the privilege to attend our local theatre festival at Fullerton College. Although I have been heavily involved in theatre for a while, somehow I’ve never found myself at a festival until this year. After going to one this year, I really wish […]

Method Acting – Why and How?

By Emma Filosa We’ve all heard directors request that actors “get into character”. For a number of actors and actresses, a character begins on stage and ends off stage. However, some performers use the technique commonly known as “method acting” to not only get into character, but to literally become a character. Method acting was […]

Respect the Tech: It’s Not as Easy as it Looks

By Hailie Gold I have been involved in theatre for as long as I can remember, but last year was the first time I was highly involved in backstage happenings. I quickly realized, it’s not only the actors that make the show happen, it’s the crew too! Actors are wonderful, and you wouldn’t have a […]

Catchiest Broadway Songs

By Sami DeSocio One of the greatest things about seeing a musical is getting the unforgettable songs stuck in your head for days at a time. Sometimes those songs even become audition songs for those of us that are pursuing theater as a career. There are some that take no prompting at all, and then […]

Elder McKinley

Book of Mormon Master Class

By Harley Ann Kulp Who hasn’t heard of Book of Mormon? It won the 2011 Tony Award for Best Musical (and eight other Tony’s) and it truly deserved it! Book of Mormon is a hilarious musical with the most clever – and inappropriate – lyrics possibly ever written. Though that’s some of the charm. Not […]

Opening and Closing Night Gifts

By Sami DeSocio A great theater tradition is the giving and receiving of gifts for opening and closing nights! But what if you have no clue what to get everyone? Who gets a gift? How much is this going to cost? Here’s some ideas and guidelines to help you out. First – try to make […]

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