3 Lessons for the Whole World from the 2018 Tony Awards

On Sunday, June 10th, New York City’s Radio City Music Hall was abuzz with the glamour and thrill of Broadway’s brightest stars, all gathered together for one magical night: the 72nd Annual Tony Awards. Hosted by Broadway music luminaries Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban—self-proclaimed “losers” of the Academy Awards—the ceremony focused not only on the […]

5 Life Lessons from 8 Years in Theatre

Camp Broadway blog, oh, how I have missed you. This is Emma, back after a somewhat hiatus of focusing on my sophomore year, stage managing, and all sorts of other craziness. Today, I’m here to share with you some of the things I’ve learned from doing theatre for eight years. That’s over half my life! […]

“Opening Up” with Cate Elefante, Lulu in Waitress!

When Cate Elefante comes home from a long day at school, she does something rarely any other kindergartener gets to experience on a daily basis. After Cate eats dinner, her mom drives her to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, where she performs the role of Lulu in the hit Broadway musical, Waitress. It may seem hard to […]

An Interview with Fit For Broadway Founder, Jane Jourdan!

As a musical theatre performer, it is very important to stay healthy in order to increase your stamina and performance. Luckily, I had the opportunity to learn about this concept through a special blog called “Fit For Broadway”, which connects theatre and the materials needed to lead a healthy lifestyle. This week, I reached out to […]

So…Why Theatre?

So…Why Theatre? This is a pretty common question among people these days. Why theatre? It’s not always the “popular” option. Theatre can be a really scary choice for a lot of people, so many hesitate to join drama club or to audition for shows. For those of you reading this who are thinking about joining a […]

My Time at Camp Broadway

My Time at Camp Broadway By Sami DeSocio My name is Sami. If you’ve been here for a while, you’ve probably read my pieces and we may have even spoken through comments on what I’ve written. I love writing for Camp Broadway, and have made some wonderful friends and connections here over the past four […]

Method Acting – Why and How?

By Emma Filosa We’ve all heard directors request that actors “get into character”. For a number of actors and actresses, a character begins on stage and ends off stage. However, some performers use the technique commonly known as “method acting” to not only get into character, but to literally become a character. Method acting was […]

Theatre on Tumblr

The site that takes up most of my free time that I should spend studying is Tumblr. There are just so many fun and interesting gifs that keep me entertained for hours. My favorite blogs are the theater-related ones, of course. In order to buff your Tumblr follows with Broadway goodness, here are some of […]

Camp Broadway’s Favorite Things

Normally I report on the Broadway community at large, but today I’m dedicating a post to the Camp Broadway blog family. If you follow Camp Broadway or any of the other bloggers on Facebook or Twitter, you have noticed that we love to talk to each other across the web…A LOT. We’re a bunch of […]

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