The Broadway Life is Nonstop! An interview with Heidi Gray

I was on a mission to figure out how actors on Broadway do what they do each day. Two to three shows a day is hard enough, but they also have to keep their character fresh for new audiences every couple of hours, plus take excellent care of their voices at the same time. So, […]

Working With Stage Animals: Is it as Cute as it Looks?

By Hailie Gold Stage animals are one of the coolest things actors can work with in their careers.  Animals are usually fun, but present interesting challenges.  One of their best attributes is that animal actors almost always help to bring a cast together.  When I was in a local production of Annie a few years ago, the dog […]

Catchiest Broadway Songs

By Sami DeSocio One of the greatest things about seeing a musical is getting the unforgettable songs stuck in your head for days at a time. Sometimes those songs even become audition songs for those of us that are pursuing theater as a career. There are some that take no prompting at all, and then […]

Into The Woods Movie Experience

by Maison Kelly There is no denying it, movie musicals have seen a huge revival recently. Yet, this genre still seems to be completely hit-or-miss in quality, and the movie production of a theatre goer’s favorite show offers no guarantees to meet his or her standards. While more light-hearted musicals, like Annie, are very difficult to […]

Annie Movie Viewing Experience

by Maison Kelly I have been an Annie super-fan since I was five-years-old. I have every single line memorized, and I could probably (definitely) sing even the overture in my sleep. I absolutely adore this show. So naturally, when I heard there was a modern update coming out in theaters, I was thrilled. And extremely nervous. Musicals being translated […]

Best Christmas Showtunes!

Christmas is fast approaching (6 days!), and we couldn’t be more excited! Lights adorn almost every building, holiday movies are always playing on television, and Christmas music is constantly on the radio! But, for the theatre lover, this presents the question: Should I actually be festive and listen to holiday music instead of showtunes all the […]

Matilda Wormwood, Pint-Sized Character, Gigantic Role

By Eric Gelb The title role of Matilda in the critically acclaimed musical of the same name is just as daunting as it sounds. Many know of Matilda as a movie, or perhaps a book, but in musical form, Matilda is front and center in this adaptation. Not only does Matilda sing, act and dance […]

Child Actors on Broadway

By Eric Gelb Matilda The Musical, Annie, Lion King and Once… all Broadway blockbusters that heavily rely on the talents of 7, 8, 9 and 10 year old child actors to carry the entire show. And, of course, from an audience’s perspective, the kids are cute and talented. But the two hours or so that you watch […]

Top 5 Roles Neil Patrick Harris Should Play

Everyone in the theatre community knows that Neil Patrick Harris is the king of versatility. On TV, he’s played roles from the awkward Doogie Howser to the womanizing, suit-wearing, Barney Stinson from the series, How I Met Your Mother. On stage, he recently won a Tony award for his portrayal of the title character in […]

Broadway Dogs, the Real Stars of the Show

By Harley Ann Kulp Many different types of faces have crossed the Broadway stage including children, the elderly, and my favorite– pooches. Yes, we all know that broadway dogs, no matter how small the role, are truly the stars of the show! So today I’m talking about the most famous puppies to grace the stage […]

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