This Season’s Broadway-Inspired Halloween Costumes!

This Halloween, maybe you’re looking to try something different. Maybe you’re going to a party with a group of friends- wait, even better, maybe you’re attending the party with a group of theatre-lovers like yourself! This season was filled with shows featuring extravagant costumes with intricate details, and I’m here to help you recreate some of them yourself! This year, knock everyone’s expectations out of the park and try out one of our ideas for Broadway-Inspired Halloween Costumes with all of your friends!

Broadway-Inspired Halloween Costumes

You can try something as simple as wearing contrasting colors to depict Elphaba and Glinda!

Iconic Duos of Broadway

Grab your closest friend and get ready to transform into one of the most iconic musical theatre duos of all time- Elphaba and Glinda! These two stunning singers are complete opposites in personality and in style, perfect for several best-friend duos out there! This look can be completed for a very low cost! For Elphaba, grab a black dress, some combat boots, and accent with green pieces of ribbon, nail polish, or jewelry! For Glinda, choose pink (“popular dress”) or blue (bubble dress) and accentuate your look with lots of glitter and glam! 

Grab Your Group!

Broadway-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Take a look at this group of girls with simple costumes inspired by The Lion King!

Try something different this Halloween and be sure to gather your entire group! Scout out some matching outfits or school uniforms and transform yourselves into the stellar kids from School of Rock!

If you’re going for something more varied and different, try dressing up as different animals from The Lion King! Use face paint, ears, and different colored t-shirts for a simple but fun look. Group costumes can include all different kinds of looks but still be seen as one! This is one of the best parts about going with your group!


Sugar, Butter, Spooky!

Broadway-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Check out these three visitors from BroadwayCon dressed as the Waitresses!

My personal favorite musical, Waitress, has some of the simplest yet fantastic costumes on Broadway. All you need in order to dress up like Jenna, Dawn, and Becky are matching dresses, aprons, and some white shoes! You could even add a Halloween twist to your look and come up with some names of pies with some unusual ingredients for the diner!

Well, CB readers, have any of you planned out your Halloween costume yet for this year? Be sure to comment below and tell us what you have planned, maybe you’ll inspire another CB reader to create their own Broadway-Inspired Halloween Costume this “season”!


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