Boulder Creek High School Choir Stuns Audiences with Broadway-Themed Concert

Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, Boulder Creek High School Choir (in Phoenix, Arizona) accomplished

Men’s Chorus surprising the audience with an amazing Newsies set.

several feats such as performing with Choirs of America at Carnegie Hall, and reaching a record number of students in the program.

Boulder Creek High School currently operates with 6 “during-school” choirs, and one after-school choir. The six during-school include two beginning choirs, two concert choirs, and two show choirs. For those that aren’t familiar with the concept of show choir, it is a type of choir that combines typically musical theatre and pop music to create a 15-20 minute set that is performed with costumes and dancing.

At the end of each school year, Boulder Creek hosts a “pops” concert, where all 6 choirs get to put on a show, just like the two show choirs (Heart and Soul/Broadway Bound) put on during all four concerts.

Each year has a theme that has been well thought out and usually correlates to the overall theme of the year. For last year, it only seemed fitting that with a trip to New York, the theme should be Broadway.

Broadway Bound giving a Tony-worthy performance with Hamilton: An American Musical.

Men’s Chorus, a beginning choir, kicked off the concert with a bang with a strong performance of Newsies, complete with Newsboy hats and the dance break using newspapers from the actual show! Women’s Ensemble, also a beginning choir, brought the heat with Carole King songs such as “It’s Too Late” and songs from the Beautiful: The Carole King Musical such as “Stupid Cupid” and “Poison Ivy”. Dressed in yellow, all of the girls shone bright and put an enormous smile on the face of each audience member. 

Bella Voce, the women’s-only concert choir, stunned the audience with a harmonious rendition of Hairspray and their amazing choreography skills. These girls have the voices of angels when they sing, and brought their own flair to the entire set. 

Heart and Soul, the women’s-only show choir, brought their performance to a new level after simultaneously dancing and singing in three other concerts throughout the year. Dressed in blue and black, they shocked the audience with a set featuring songs from Wicked, including “Popular”, “Defying Gravity”, “What is This Feeling?” and more. As these ladies wove in and out of each other during choreography, their harmonies intertwined beautifully as well. 

Bel Canto Honor Choir, the mixed concert choir, shocked every audience member with a stunning rendition of the Lion King, with laser-precise vocals and choreography. Every note resounded throughout the house and struck a chord with everyone in the house and backstage. Each soloist had immense, contagious energy and stunning vocals.

Broadway Bound, the mixed show choir, brought a different element to the table than usual- hip hop dancing. They accompanied it with music from the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, and hypnotizing vocals to match. Dressed as specific members from the show as well as several choir members wearing a costume similar to the common ensemble costume of Hamilton, the entire choir had the audience on their feet at the end of their performance, as if they had just watched a portion of the Broadway show.

Honor Choir presenting Simba during their Lion King set.

Show choirs across the nation are starting to introduce more musical theatre repertoire into their sets, and theatre kids across the country are starting to get more involved in their choir programs. As a theatre kid myself, I know that show choir is truly a passion of mine especially since it combines singing, acting, and dancing! I encourage all of you to give it a try, as it might turn out to be a new passion of yours that will strengthen your vocal ability and help you in the world of musical theatre! 

This year in school, try to step out of your comfort zone and try something new- whether it’s choir, theatre, band, art, dance, a new sport, or any activity! All Pictures are credited to SicPicPhotography.



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  1. Music lover says:

    You should check out Valley Vista High School! They have
    2 all girls show choirs
    4 mixed choirs
    2 concert choirs
    Plus 1 after school all boys show choir
    Over 180 students and 2 choir directors
    See what they are all about

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