Finding Fashion Inspiration in NYC

by Rory of

New York City is brimming with people of all backgrounds, nationalities, sexualities, and fashion senses. When I’m in the city, do you know what’s my favorite type to look for? Hipsters! These super cool, totally fashionable people are always dressed in the best outfits! Round glasses, a floppy bow, chunky jewelry and my trusty Doc Martens would have me fitting in among the hippest of NYC’s downtown characters; including those you’d find in off-Broadway venues like The Public Theater, the Daryl Roth Theatre, Cherry Lane Theater, and others.

I also love getting inspired by art. The MOMA (located a bit further uptown on 53rd street between 5th and 6th avenues) has free hours every Friday evening. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon in New York City. Recently I went to the museum, which showcases exclusively modern art, and couldn’t stop ogling at the Andy Warhol works.

Warhol lived and died in New York City, and his very first work was displayed in the city when he was just getting started. Arguably the most influential pop artist of all time, he had a very New York aesthetic and commented a lot on the idea of fame and American culture. Bright colors and noticeable figures from the seventies and eighties had me wanting to get into the photography studio to make some pop art of my own.

I like to think I’m (sort of) a hipster, and the latest pictures I took in the photography studio at my school show how I interpret “hipster,” style-wise. They also draw from Andy Warhol’s aesthetic and I love the result! Remember: New York City is always full of surprises and fashion inspiration. Wander the streets and look out for cool people–you never know what might get you thinking!

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