20at20 is Back!

If you’re familiar with this great Off-Broadway discount, then I’m sure you’re just as thrilled as I am to know that 20at20 is back this month, from January 22nd through February 10th.

For those of you who don’t know, 20at20 is a fantastic Off-Broadway initiative that happens only a few times a year.  But, it’s the best deal you’re ever going to find.  The premise is simple.  Show up to one of the 40 participating Off-Broadway shows 20 minutes prior to curtain, and pay only $20 for any remaining seats.  It’s a steal.

Bare? Avenue Q? Forbidden Broadway? Silence? The Fantasticks?You name it, they are in the mix.  Off-Broadway shows have something for everybody, and this discount is the perfect time to explore them.  For the price of an average Broadway ticket, you could see 7 Off-Broadway shows! It doesn’t get any better than that.

So, I urge you to go out over the next few weeks and get these tickets! In a time where average attendance is down, 20at20 packs houses for the producers, and it practically guarantees great seats for you.  But, before you run at full speed toward the theater district, let me remind you of a few things:

1) Everybody else wants these tickets too. Waiting for 20at20 tickets is like waiting in rush lines. There are only so many seats. So, I urge you to get in line at about one hour prior to curtain to make sure you get a seat (and a fantastic one).

2) Pay cash. Most theaters will require this anyway, but it just makes everybody’s life easier. As the box office has a sudden onslaught of patrons after the doors have already opened, the nicest thing you can do is simply hand over a twenty-dollar bill and politely receive the ticket you’re given. Keep the line moving!

3) Have back up plans. One of the best things you can do is go to a theater complex such as The Snapple Theatre Center, Theatre Row, or New World Stages. In the case that your first pick is sold out, you are bound to get into one of the other shows in the complex. But keep in mind, the lines might be longer.

4) Finally, be adventurous! Sure, if you really want to see Avenue Q for your 5th time, nobody is going to stop you. But, why not use this time to explore a bit? Head downtown and see something different. See something experimental. It will widen your horizons and you may just love it.

So, there you have it- my rant about 20at20.  Let me reiterate- I think it’s great.  Now, go out there! Get those tickets! I’m sure I’ll see you there.

For more information, visit 20at20.com

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