Why I Love SCANDALOUS on Broadway!

I have always loved to read. Non-fiction and memoirs are my favorites. Beginning in middle school, I read everything about the Kennedy family that I could get my hands on and my obsession with the stories of historical figures only grew from there. James Dean, Rock Hudson, Marilyn Monroe (I would LOVE to see Bombshell live!) Natalie Wood… I could go on! What’s better than immersing yourself in lives of showbiz glitz and glamour?

As I got more interested in musical theater, I turned to Carol Burnett’s One More Time and Frank Rich’s Ghost Light. I just loved (and still do) learning about how these creative and legendary people built their careers. For a small town girl, it opened up an entire world for me that doesn’t exist in rural Vermont.

Tonight Scandalous opens on Broadway. Written by Kathie Lee Gifford, it follows the life of Aimee Semple McPherson. Aimee was a famous actress and radio personality in the 1920s. Much like the books I loved growing up, the musical is a colorful depiction of a starlet’s life. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to see the show in previews and I absolutely loved it! Part of the show depicts Aimee’s friendship with Charlie Chaplin, whose own life is currently being depicted onstage by Rob McClure in Chaplin. Back when I saw that show, I loved the story of Chaplin so much that I spent hours this fall reading further on the legend and Scandalous had a similar effect.

I have never considered myself a history buff, but through musical theater I have learned a lot about history, and that’s a great thing. If you’re like me and love learning about these charismatic figures, Scandalous and Chaplin will definitely be some of your favorites this season! Tonight, we wish a happy opening to the team of Scandalous!

See you at the theater!

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